Bruce Mitchell

Wood | Inverness

Carolyn Means

Ceramics | Point Reyes Station

Eleanore Despina

Functional Ceramics | Inverness Park

Gary Smith

Prints, Pastels & Silverpoints | Inverness

Kathleen Goodwin

Painting, Photography and Publishing | Inverness Park

Laurie Curtis

Maiolica Pottery and Watercolor Paintings | Point Reyes Station

Molly Prier

clay | Inverness

Richard Blair

Fine Art Photography, & Book Publishing | Inverness Park

Shari Milner

JEWELRY | Inverness

Sue Gonzalez

Oil Painting | Point Reyes Station

Tom Killion

woodcut printmaking | Inverness Park

Lina Jane Prairie

Kelp! | Inverness Park

Sally Fairfax

glass casting, lampwork and fusing | Inverness

Joyce Laws

Oil and Watercolor Paintings | Inverness

Jack Soman

Sculpture wood, stone, metal and plastic. | Inverness

Kathy Hunting

Polymer Clay and Beaded Jewelry | Point Reyes Station

Gordon Bryan

Ceramics | Point Reyes Station

Ernesto Sanchez

Mixed Media | Point Reyes Station

Elaine West

oil painting | Inverness Park

Chris Desser

oil, gold leaf | Point Reyes Station

Carlos Porrata

Photography | Point Reyes Station

Alix Schwartz

Kiln-Formed Glass | Inverness

MaryEllen Hackett

Observational Painting | Point Reyes Station

Brian Shepard

Photography | Point Reyes Station

Tom Biagini Gallery

Oil, acrylic, and mixed media paintings | Inverness

John Gnorski

Sculpture, Printmaking, Drawing/Painting | Point Reyes Station

Maria Warton Bennett

Oil Painting | Inverness