Sirima Sataman

ink.paper.plate studio & shop
11401 State Route 1
Point Reyes Station CA 94956-0922
Sirima Sataman
Video: Printing an XXL Woodcut

Sirima Sataman is an interdisciplinary artist primarily working in traditional media, printmaking, and sculpture. She studied sculpture, printmaking, and fiber arts at the Claremont Colleges, the American University in Rome, Italy, Temple University in Rome, Italy, and the Academy of Art. She received her BA in Fine Art from Pitzer College in Claremont, California and works from her studio (Ink.Paper.Plate) in Point Reyes Station, California.

Sataman is visually obsessed with imagery and artifacts that reveal cultural ecology and humanity in the context of the landscape. Her work focuses on objects of productivity, engineering, and progress near their time of obsolescence. Her empty landscapes and endless skies punctuated by sole man-made objects jab at the scale of our progress and question of what we choose to keep and what we leave behind as we adapt to a digital society. The personal, tangible, and imperfect nature of the printmaking process, as well as the subject, is a palpable expression of time, place, and human ingenuity.

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