Shirley Salzman

55 Overlook Rd
PO Box 1106
Point Reyes Station
CA 94956

(415) 663-9350
Shirley Salzman Artist

My paintings reflect my optimistic and easily delighted view of life. I cycle through ideas annually and am now on one path of vibrant abstract landscapes from above and another path of tide pools.. I paint on canvas and on paper.

As an artist, I'm a believer in "the happy accident" and work freely and intuitively with my hands. I've developed my own method of building up layers of paint and then erasing them to create depth and a vibrant sense of color. I climb an eight foot ladder and sprinkle paint, let it dry and then hose off that layer leaving a ghost image and repeat the layering and hosing until I like the mix of colors. THEN I make a drawing and fill in the negative spaces.