Elaine West

365 Drakes View Drive
Inverness, CA 94937


I am drawn to both abstraction and realism, so haven’t been content to settle into one approach. The physical world is constantly providing wonderful subjects, dramatic light, scenes and color combinations that inspire my representational work, and fabulous plein air opportunities surround us here in West Marin. I never tire of the possibilities to work small and out in nature. At the other end of the spectrum, my studio work tends to be large, whether abstract or still life subjects Abstracts heavy with layers, rich color and markings, and quirky still life subjects, i.e. 2020/21 was the year of the wardrobe/shoes closet!) In the abstract realm, my works tend toward large explorations with color, texture, layers, and “markings”. Some motifs surface again and again, and seem to offer endless variations – new rich veins to tap into!