Ann Gessert

125 Forres Way
Inverness CA 94937


Quilts and small fiber pieces have been my main creative focus for many years.   I’m primarily interested in exploring the interplay of light and color to create an illusion of transparency and flow. Using cloth as others might use paints, wood, yarn, or thread is both tremendously challenging and tremendously rewarding.

Some of my pieces draw upon the art of weaving for their inspiration. In others I construct abstract images, aiming for fluidity and movement. Besides traditional cottons, I use silk, linen, rayon, acetate, and any other materials that inspire me. I am pleased that many of the materials I find are recycled, coming from gently worn ties, garments, and kimonos, and that I find I am fulfilled by making both practical and decorative things.

Influenced by the Modern Quilt Movement, I have expanded my repertoire by playing with negative space and solid colors.  The Amish and Japanese aesthetics of clean lines, contrasts in color, and minimalist patterns continues to be a strong influence on my designs. I appreciate the exciting marriage of boldness and subtlety.

My other love is ceramics, where I have primarily been inspired by the Arts and Crafts Movement in nearly all the pieces I create, whether practical forms or tiles.

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